Making a Scene is 2 years OLD!


That’s Right! Making a Scene is now 2 years old! And what a great 2 years it has been. I am so excited about all that we have accomplished over the course of the last 2 years. Let me give you a rundown of how successful we have been since our launch in May of 2014!

We have as of today posted 1,060 articles, Interviews and CD Reviews! That averages out to 1.5 articles a day!!

We have had over 161,000 visitors to our site (which averages out to over 222 visitors a day), but On our busiest day 2,129 people came to the site to read our content! 

We started our Newsletter which has been a huge success with over 6800 subscribers which is growing every week!! Are you A Subscriber??

Our advertisers have had the benefit of our staff’s determination to drive traffic to the site every day, through daily posts and promotions on Social Media

Our first Indie Blues compilation was such a great success, We have teamed up with Reverbnation for out 2nd “Indie Blues” compilation!

We started the First “Independent Blues Awards” which is now in the process of Voting!

Here is a rundown of the top 10 Posts in the Last 2 years!! A true Testament to the great diversity of articles we post on a daily basis!

  1. Selling the Blues
  2. Merchandising Your Band
  3. Build Your Own Speaker Stands
  4. A Brief History of the Blues
  5. The Blues Dancing Movement
  6. Getting Sued for $10 Million over a Pink Tribute Band
  7. Is ASCAP Hurting Live Music Venues
  8. The Indie Bible – an In depth Review
  9. The Battle of the Blues Hall of Fames
  10. Creating a Music Video on a Budget

I have to thank the Making a Scene Staff who work so Hard to make this THE place to go for the Independent Artist!

Richard Ludmerer – One of the most prolific writers I have ever met, and a true expert when it comes to evaluating and reviewing new CD’s!

Rhetta Akamatsu – Author and writer in Atlanta who does such a wonderful job covering LIVE shows and CD Reviews!

Bob Putignano – For all the great reviews on re-issues and covering all those eclectic CD releases!

Lady Spitefire – For her coverage of the Heavy Metal and Indie Rock Scene!

Toni L’Hommedieu – For all her support in the office, keeping me on track and out of trouble (not an easy job)!