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By Posted by Editor
Oct 30th, 2014

AdspacenewRSThe Making a Scene difference is we drive traffic to our site EVERY DAY!  Using multiple social media outlets to promote our daily postings of articles, interviews, podcasts and CD Reviews to thousands of people. Unlike some other online advertisers for musicians and music related businesses, we don’t wait for weekly or even monthly updates to drive our traffic, we work daily to drive traffic to our site and YOUR ad. This all goes to make  Making a Scene one of the most affordable advertising opportunities that directly targets a highly engaged market of Musicians and Music Fans. The numbers support this model, we now average over 65,000 visits to our website every month and that number keeps growing! This is no small feat and is a testament to our content and our ability to drive traffic to the site via social media and our newsletter.


Our weekly Newsletter, which was launched last year and now has a subscriber base of over 8,000 members. Better yet, our statistics show we have over 70% engagement with our content within the newsletter. What that means that during any given week, approximately 70% of the emails are opened and read. This shows that our content is important to our subscribers and your ad WILL get seen! Not only that this newsletter drives traffic to Making a Scene website, and to your ad on the site!

LIVE from the Midnight Circus Podcast! Here is a chance for you to have your audio ad embedded at the beginning and end of each podcast of LIVE from the Midnight Circus! For only $75 a month you get between 12-15 insertions of your 30 second message! A great value for your ad dollars.

There are so many great opportunities to get your message out. If you would like to create a ad campaign and combine several of our opportunities? Drop us a line and let us help you design an effective campaign for you and save you money!

If you have any questions email us at adsales@makingascene.org  or call us at 678-541-5541

Check out our differant ad opportunities below!

WE ACCEPT AND ENCOURAGE ANIMATED GIFS!! ADD MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK WITH MULTIFRAME ADS! Order 3 months or more and we will include graphics services to help you create an ad!

Ad Spaces:

NOTE: All ad spaces are “Rotated” with each page load. Each position has between 4-6 slot positions that can be purchased.

Top Page 468×60 (Ad Type 001)

This is the top most banner ad! Each time the site is loaded this is one of the first ads that is seen. In addition this ad remains in this position for every Post, Page and Category that is loaded by our readers. There are 6 slots that are rotated on each page load.

1 Month = $120  3 months=$340 

Header Banner 468×60 (Ad Type 001)

This also is on the topmost portion of the main page. This block of 6 Banners also appears on every Post, Page and Category in addition to the main page. This is a great value as each position only has 4 slots! Which increases the chances your ad will be in front of your Market

1 Month=$100 3 Months=$280

Premium Header Ad 970×400 (Ad Type 001)

This is our largest ad and our best value! This ad will display on the bottom of the main page as well as every post, page and category! You want to get noticed? You have a festival to advertise? You rolling out a new product? Then this is the place for you to put your ad! You can have a graphic, video or animated .gif!

1 Month=$150 3 Months=$440

Left Sidebar 250×250 (Ad Type 003)

The “Left” sidebar  is only available on the “Main” page. This is a good value and there is only 2 positions available, one at the top of the page and one at the bottom. This ad only appears on the “Main” page that is loaded when someone comes to “Making a Scene”.

1 Month=$50 3 Months=$125

Left Sidebar 250×900 (Ad Type 004)

This is a great value for a Large Skyscraper ad! Again this is ONLY available on the main page and there is only one position which is located at the bottom of the page. This is not an issue because of all the content that we list on our landing page. We have found that most of our readers scroll throughout the whole site on a normal visit!

1 Month=$120 3 Months=$340

Right Sidebar 250×250 (Ad Type 005)

The “Right” Sidebar position is available on the “Main” page as well as on Categories and all Posts. Each type of ad (Main, All Posts, All Categories) is a separate purchase. On the Main Page there are 4 positions, on the posts there are 2 Positions, The category has 2 positions. They are number of the ad is in relation to their position on the page IE: “Main Page Right Sidebar-1″ is closer to the top of the page and so on.

1 Month=$50 3 Months=$125

Right Sidebar 250×900 (Ad Type 006)

This is a great value for a Large Skyscraper ad! Again this is available on the main page, All Posts and the Category Pages.  There are 3 positions for each purchase zone. As with the Above, each ad type is a separate purchase (Main Page, All Posts, All Categories). But is a great value if you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck.

1 Month=$120 3 Months=$340

Video Ads (Ad Type 007)

Sponsored Video: There is nothing more effective than video advertising! Here is a good opportunity to get ad space to bring your video message to your market. Your video ad will be featured on the front page of the website with all our content!

1 Month=$200 3 Months $500

Main Page Banner Ad 485×60 (Ad Type 008)

This is the traditional Banner ad that is interspersed throughout the main page. The lower the number the closer to the top of the page the ad is. There are 9 positions for these ads and are by far the best value for the money and they are economic enough to purchase several so they are spread out over the whole Main Landing page. This is a great value to get started!

1 Month=$50 3 Months=$125

Footer Banners 468×60 (Ad Type 009)

Just like the Header this is a block of 4 banner ads that rotate on each page load. They appear on the main page, all posts, all pages and all categories! Again this is a great value that embraces the whole site.

1 Month=$120 3 Month=$340

Making A Scene WEEKLY Newsletter

Advertise in the Weekly Newsletter! Each issue will recap the top stories of the last week and help you reach an additional 6,100+ customers. Small banner ads 300×200 = $50 per month(4-5 mailings), Full Page Banner 300×900 = $100 Per Month(Our Best Deal!).  Email us direct at adsales@makingascene.org

LIVE from the Midnight Circus Podcast “Radio” Ad

Each week “LIVE from the Midnight Circus”  we post each broadcast of the “LIVE” show as a podcast . We are offering a unique opportunity to have your “Radio” ad placed at the beginning and the end of each of these podcasts. A 30 Second Spot is available at $75 per Month.(That is 12-15 SHOWS ) . Once you ad is placed on that podcast it will remain there for the life of the podcast! Please contact adsales@makingascene.org to arrange for these ad insertions. We can also arrange to produce your commercial for you. Contact us about production costs.

Advertiser Advantages

Change your Ad Whenever you want! 

Sometimes an ad is just not working for you anymore. It may not be getting the attention you want to get and we understand that you need the ability to change your ad anytime you need to. Which is why with our advertising system you can log into your account and change your ad content anytime you want!

Between our Stats page and the ability to change your ad whenever you want, you will have a unique opportunity to see what is working for you and what is not. You can keep the look of your page ads fresh and interesting, showcase specials, new artists and new products. What this all means is, YOU are in control of your advertising.

Ad Templates

In order to help you create your ads we have created templates for the 4 different ad sizes that are available on the site. Just right click on the link and choose “Save as”, then load it into your graphics program and create your banner.

1. 250×250 Sidebar (Main,Pages,Posts,Category)

2. 250×900 Sidebar (Main, Pages, Posts)

3. 468×60 Banner (Top Page, Header, Footer)

4. 485×60 Banner (Main Page)

Ad creation Service

If you would like us to create your ad for you, we would be more than happy to help you out. You can contact Publisher@makingascene.org and we can discuss your needs and give you a price on the completed ad. If you purchase 3 months or more we will help create your ad for FREE! Of course once your ad is created you can use it anywhere you want as well as on “Making a Scene”.


Now you see all the great opportunities to advertise on “Making a Scene”!

 CLICK HERE to get started!!

 Making a Scene Stats!

Making a scene was launched on May 1 2014, in 13 months we have received OVER 100,000 visitors! As of August 2015 we are averaging between 250-450 visitors to the site daily . These numbers have been growing each week!

This is a golden opportunity to become part of the most innovative web magazine for the Independent Musician and Music Fan!

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