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Meet Paul "Mr. Blues" Benjamin "Chairman of the Board" of the Blues Foundation

An Exclusive Interview with Paul Benjamin Chairman of the Board of the Blues Foundation by Richard Lhommedieu on Mixcloud The Board of Directors for any non for profit organization is the driving force in determining the direction the organization takes. The awarding of the position of"Chairman of the Board" can be the most [Read more]

Meet Barbara Newman "President and CEO" of the Blues Foundation

    An Exclusive interview with Barbara Newman – President and CEO of the Blues Foundation by Richard Lhommedieu on Mixcloud Barbara B. Newman has been selected to succeed Jay Sieleman as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Blues Foundation, the Memphis-based, international music organization dedicated to preserving blues music history, celebrating recording and [Read More]

Selling the Blues Current Condition of the Blues There are those who say the current condition of the blues is good. They are usually the more traditional fans that may go to a show once a month in a club or go to maybe 1 or 2 local festivals a year. Their understanding of the [Read More]


When I published my article Selling the Blues I did not anticipate how much the idea of re-branding the genre would resonate within the Blues Community. In the coming months the term “Indie Blues” began to crop up in Artists one sheets and as descriptions of radio shows across the country and a link to [Read More]

Jay Gordon takes a chainsaw to the blues on "Woodchopper Ball"

This is how tough Jay Gordon and Blues Venom are: The song “Chainsaw Boogie” features a guitar made from a real working chainsaw. It's a party song with a sound like nothing I've ever heard, pure mad genius! The rest of the song is great, raw powerful blues as well. The opening number, The Stinger [Read More]

Jay Stollman  Room for One More

It is proof of what a great blues mans Jay Stollman is that he was chosen to be the lead vocalist and front man with The Johnny Winter Band for the Johnny Winter Remembrance Shows. On Room for One More he offers even more proof. On this album, the band features Debbie Davies, a solid [Read More]

An Exclusive interview with Mike Merola The City Boys Allstars An Exclusive interview with Mike Merola The City Boys Allstars by Richard Lhommedieu on Mixcloud Mike Merola isn't just another technically skilled blues and jazz guitarist based in New York City, one voice among so many. What emerges most memorably from listening to his playing in his band The City Boys Allstars is its sense [Read More]

Smoky Greenwell New Orleans Blues Jam: Live At the Old U.S. Mint

Smoky Greenwell New Orleans Blues Jam: Live At the Old U.S. Mint Greenwell Records Smoky Greenwell learned the harmonica in Memphis and Nashville and moved to New Orleans in 1981. He has shared the stage with Snooks Eaglin, Coco Robicheaux, George Porter Jr, Walter "Wolfman" Washington and many others. He is best known as Lee [Read More]

An Exclusive Interview with Deb Callahan An Exclusive Interview with Deb Callahan by Richard Lhommedieu on Mixcloud Philadelphia’s blues and soul drenched vocalist and songwriter Deb Callahan grew up in the Boston area but has been a mainstay on the mid-Atlantic music scene since the late 90's. During this time she has gained a reputation for writing creative blues, [Read More]

AN Exclusive Interview with Diane Durrett An Exclusive interview with Diane Durrett by Richard Lhommedieu on Mixcloud She's good. She's damn good. Sting summation of his duet with singer songwriter Diane Durrett speaks for anyone who's ever heard her perform. In 2013 Durrett was elected to the board of governors (vocal seat) by the Atlanta chapter of the National [Read More]

The Ragpicker String Band

The Ragpicker String Band Grosswendt, Flower and Del Grosso Yellow Dog Records The Ragpicker String Band is the trio of mandolinist Rich Del Grosso, guitarist Mary Flower, and multi-instrumentalist Martin Grosswendt. Their collective talents and appreciation for pre-war folk blues make this an excellent recording. Del Grosso is a blues mandolinist who plays in a style [Read More]

Randall Bramblett DEVIL MUSIC

Review of Randall Bramblett's DEVIL MUSIC New West Records release Sept. 18, 2015 By Bruce Yandle One of the things you can generally expect when Randall Bramblett releases a new album is that it won't be what you expect or, at least, that it won't sound like the last one. There are consistent thematic and [Read More]

Buddy Guy Born to Play Guitar

Buddy Guy Born to Play Guitar RCA/Silvertone Buddy Guy was born in Lettsworth, La. in 1936. He made his first guitar, a two-string diddley bow, before obtaining an acoustic Harmony. In the early 1950's Guy began performing with bands in Baton Rouge. By 57 he had relocated to Chicago. In 1965 and 1966 Guy recorded [Read More]

Grateful Dead Dick's Picks Volume 6

Grateful Dead Dick's Picks Volume Six Hartford Civic Center 10/14/83 3-CD The first five Dick's Picks were all taken from seventies concerts; this sixth Dick's Picks installment was the first that yielded a live performance from the eighties. The two set show is delivered in its entirety on three discs with approximately three hours [Read More]