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R&B Artist

By Richard L'Hommedieu
In Funk Artist
Aug 25th, 2015
1 Comment
https://www.facebook.com/SwingingMusic?fref=ts http://www.thecityboysallstars.com/ An Exclusive interview with Mike Merola “The City Boys Allstars” by Richard Lhommedieu on Mixcloud Mike Merola isn’t just another technically skilled blues and jazz guitarist based in New York City, one voi...
By Richard L'Hommedieu
In Acoustic Artist
Feb 2nd, 2015
An Exclusive Interview with Christopher Hayzel by Richard Lhommedieu on Mixcloud Christopher Hayzel is embarking on a unique and unusual tour. The Indigo Soul Tour is using an unusual model in that he will hire local indie artists to open for him in each different city he and his partner “Shilo...
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