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Music Video Nominees

Music Video

Samantha Fish – Twisted Ambition

Chris Barnes – I Slowed Danced with Joni Mitchell

Joyann Parker – Carry On

Jonathon Long – Savior’s Face

Skylar Rogers – Firebreather

Damon Fowler – Alafia Moon

Rev Peytons Big Damn Band – Ways and Means

Robbin Kapsalis and Vintage #18 – From the Heart of the One

Popa Chubby – Tinfoil Hat

Crystal Starr – She

Eddie 9V – Little Black Flies

Jennifer Lyn and the Groove Revival – I Hope we can Make a Change

Eliza Neals – Sugar Daddy

Mike Zito – Don’t Bring Me Down

Tito Jackson – Love One Another

Ally Venable – Hateful Blues

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