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HOUSTON HAS HART – Benefit for the Blues Foundation Hart Fund

By Richard L'Hommedieu
In INDIE Blues Scene
Mar 6th, 2017

HOUSTON, TX – On March 26th the blues community of Houston will be meeting to raise money in support of the Blues Foundation’s Hart Fund. The Fund is one aspect of this Memphis based organization that serves the blues community at large. The Fund provides health care for professional blues musicians in need, including performers in Texas. The fund was started 17 years ago by Mike Kappus, the owner of the Rosebud Agency. It has been funded by personal donations, through fundraisers and through grant support. In this past year the fund was able to secure a record $70,000! A third of the dollars is allocated for medical, a third for dental and a third for funeral expenses. The fund also helps in negotiating fair pricing, discounts and access to patient assistance programs. The HART Fund has held proactive health screenings in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge in February and the Blues Music Awards in May. In 2016 the Hart Fund helped about 35 individuals with financial support. www.blues.org. !

Our event will take place at one of Houston’s landmark clubs, Rockefellers. This great hall is ideal for showcasing music and this concert will be a special event! There is parking available, with security on hand.  http://www.rockefellershouston.com The bill is made up of the local bands who have represented the Houston Blues Society in the International Blues Challenge for the past four years. 2017 Blues Music Award nominees Trudy Lynn and Annika Chambers will be joining the bands. Above the dance floor and seating area will be tables set with auction items, incl. works of art and music, concert tickets, even travel opportunities. These auctions always amaze!. All money collected at the gate and auction will go directly to the Hart Fund! Join us. Blues fans, this is a cause dear to our hearts!

For more information on Steve Krase, visit http://www.stevekrase.com
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For information on Odell Grey, https://www.facebook.com/odellomg
For information on No Refund Band, visit https://norefundband.com

3620 Washington Blvd
Houston TX 77007
(713) 862-4070

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