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Geoff Achison Another Mile, Another Minute

By Richard Ludmerer
In CD Reviews INDIE Blues
Feb 27th, 2017

Geoff Achison

Another Mile, Another Minute

Landslide Records/Jupitor 2 Records

Geoff Achison is an Australian who formed his band the “Souldiggers” in 1994. He has also been a guitar instructor at Jorma Kaukonen guitar camp, Fur Peace Ranch, since 1988. In 1995 Achison, representing the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society, competed in the International Blues Challenge and won the Albert King Award as most promising guitarist.

In 2005 Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers released “Little Big Men”. On it he and the band developed a deep jam like groove. In 2009 Achison followed up with “One Ticket, One Ride” also to critical acclaim. In 2012 Achison re-issued “Little Big Men” with three additional bonus tracks. Achison’s last album was 2014’s live “20th Anniversary Concert” CD and DVD.

It’s been eight years since Achison’s last studio recording. This new album is his 14th overall and demonstrates his notable growth as a songwriter. The band features Achison, guitars and vocals; Richard Tankard, keyboards; Roger McLachian, bass; and Gerry Pantazis, drums and percussion. The album was recorded at the HS45 Studios in Melbourne, Australia and released in August, 2016. The US release date is March 3. The album has already nominated for four 2017 Australian Blues Music Awards including Album of The Year.

Tankard, McLachian and Pantazis are in a groove on “High Wire”. Achison comes up with a sonic guitar sound and solo, then:

On the second track Achison starts on an acoustic “He tuned up his cheap Stratocaster guitar, he slung it on his back toating his batt’ry powered amplifier, he rode his bicycle to Berk Street and set up his equipment, playing his blues for survival and to pay the rent, he brought food for the homeless and toys for the children,…he sang songs of Kansas City and sweet home Chicago, so far away… (the band comes in as Achison switches to an electric)… his voice was like a whisper but his heart was like a mountain….great production…Achison’s raspy voice sings the story of “Delta Dave”.

“Working My Way back Home” features band mate McLachian on bass, and special guest Mal Logan on piano and synthesizer; both of whom played with The Little River Band. Achison takes an interesting solo. “I’m Gonna Ride” is another groove this time with Chris Wilson on harmonica.

The horn section of Paul Williamson, sax; and Jack Howard, trumpet; are featured on “A New Bad Habit” something that Achison has been searching for…and again on “Sum Peeples Got All Da Funk”. “Baby Come Back” includes the band with the horns and Logan too. Achison closes with a brilliant acoustic John Fahey like instrumental “Front Porch Farewell”.

Achison is, without a doubt, an original.

Richard Ludmerer






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