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Whether you are looking for information on indie music business, a CD review, submit for one of our indie music podcasts or you just want to tell us you enjoy what we are doing here at Making a Scene! Here are the contacts for the great people that make this resource possible!

Richard L’Hommedieu – Publisher@makingascene.org 

Editor  editor@makingascene.org

Managing Editor
Jessica L’Hommedieu – Jess@makingascene.org

Senior Contributing Editor
Richard Ludmerer – ricdale2@yahoo.com

Contributing Editor
Rhetta Akamatsu – Contact on Facebook

Contributing Writers

Indie Blues and Blues

Richard Ludmerer – ricdale2@yahoo.com

Rhetta – Contact on Facebook

Jim Hynes – hynes24u@yahoo.com

Country Music and Americana

Viola Krouse – vkrouse2@ptd.net

Recording techiques

Brandon S Hire –  http://www.noisefloorav.com

Music Business 

Richard L’Hommedieu – Publisher@makingascene.org

Cameron Bashaw – cameron@neologicstudios.com

Sally Phillips – sally@diamondmail.net

Submission Guidelines for our Podcasts, Interviews and CD reviews

All submissions should be a nationally released CD (no singles or EP’s) that is available on digital outlets and streaming. 

Digital Submissions – Make all Digital Submissions via Dropbox or Wetransfer Link and must contain mp3 (320) files with proper mp3 tags applied. You should structure the directory tree as “Artist Name/Album Name/Song.mp3 .. The directory should also contain a one sheet and Hi-res CD Graphics. Please indicate the genre of music you are submitting in the email and on the one sheet ie: Indie blues, Country, Americana, Rock, Hip Hop, etc.

Send to submit@makingascene.org

Physical Submissions – Must contain a one sheet and can be mailed to:

Making a Scene

5765 Lake Windsor Pkwy

Buford, Ga 30518

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