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Starr Faithfull – Boston Power Trio Return to the Scene

By Adam Signore
In Indie Rock Scene
Jun 12th, 2016

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Starr Faithfull – Boston Power Trio Return to the Scene


_MG_3558 (2)Starr Faithfull is a Hard Rock Power Trio with an eclectic edge hailing from the greater Boston area, a highly regarded band that is named after the socialite who mysteriously drowned in 1931.  Starr Faithfull’s exceptional music is no mystery though. The band is made up of great performers from the area that are accomplished in their own right.  Initially formed in the late 90’s Starr Faithfull was on the scene for more than ten years and enjoyed much success. I was psyched to be invited to Starr Faithfull’s 2016 return to music. The return show was electric and intense. For this show they had a fourth member, Jim Sullivan of the Peacheaters on keys

_MG_3452 (2)Like all musicians they worked tirelessly writing music and doing shows. They played all the clubs in MA & RI as well as larger venues and festivals. They toured the Portugal festival circuit three years in a row starting in 2005. They have opened for Extreme, Southern Rock All-Stars and local Boston favorites FARRENHEIT and headlined many shows of their own. Like many hardworking musicians projects and priorities shift and Starr Faithfull was put on hold after their last public performance in 2010 opening for Extreme at The House of Blues in Boston. Fast forward several years and continual requests to get the band back together, it’s thanksgiving 2015.  AJ, Jodee and Geoff meet for drinks. Reminiscing about old times and the current state of affairs a plan is hatched, sort of an exploratory and emotional reunion of these great talents. Let’s see how far it goes. All the way I hope…

As I write this I am listening to Starr Faithfull’s 2011 release “Delusions of Grandeur” and am on a ride that has overtones of many of my favorite bands from Nine Inch Nails to the Beatles. Not making a list of comparative bands because to try and pigeonhole this band would be silly. Starr Faithfull has a sound all their own and it rocks. Really Rocks. Go and listen to them on SoundCloud, but check out Have Mercy if nothing else.

They also have an EP release “Funny Peculiar” (2004) and full album Krankle (2002).

On Guitar and Vocals, Jodee Frawlee is a true rock goddess.  Jodee is a hard rock guitarist extraordinaire with vocals that range from searing to smooth and silky. Did I say true rock goddess? It’s not hard to see why she won Steve Vai’s “Jam with Steve” contest, performing with him at Lupo’s in Providence, and also was won a “Boston’s Best Guitarist” award.

On Bass is Geoff Kornfeld, who judging by his one line bio on the bands website, will probably end up with the same here: On Bass is Geoff Kornfeld who is as good at playing the bass as he is bad at writing his own bio.

_MG_3512 (2)On Drums is AJ Vallee who has toured and/or recorded with Starr Faithfull, The Southern Rock All-Stars (Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Marshall Tucker) Carmen and Camille, Grassroot, Doug Bell (Bellevue Cadillac) Rainshine, J.P. Jones, Tigerlily, The Peacheaters, and has had the pleasure of working with producers Anthony Resta (Duran Duran, Megadeth) & John Ellis (Godsmack, Soul Sirkus)

So going forward what can we expect from Starr Faithfull? Well, I think it’s safe to say that while this is
exploratory, the artists have so far found returning to this project to be a satisfying and emotionally charged undertaking. Starr Faithfull always held writing new original material on high and that is still the case. As for shows, the plan is not to go full bore into the bar & club circuit, but rather to have more thought out and well produced events. Quality over quantity is the thinking. So, with no grind in the Bar Scene planned, when they announce a show you better get yer A** to it!For me, the thought of new Starr Faithfull material sends chills up my spine. Again, take a listen to their stuff on SoundCloud. You’ll see what I mean.

Keep up with Starr Faithfull on the Web or on Facebook.







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