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An In Depth Interview with Johnny Mastro

By Richard L'Hommedieu
In INDIE Blues Artist
Mar 4th, 2017

Powerful, heavy & bluesy !  People say it’s the toughest sounding band around. The band with the original, raw sound hails from New Orleans, LA.  Johnny leads the ensemble and has racked up 11 records, countless festival appearances, over 30 European tours, a feature in a 2013 film as well as recording for the BBC in London, German National Radio in Bremen, and Belgian National Radio in Brussels.

JMMBs music is a blend of new and old at the same time.  Roots run deep as Johnny spent 16 years (and Smoke 6 years) at the blues’ shrine “Babe’s & Ricky’s Inn” under the tutelage of Laura Mae “Mama” Gross.  She taught them the only color that mattered was blue and encouraged them to develop their own sound.  The “new” is living in the present and absorbing sounds coming from music they enjoy Today!  The results are apparent at every show and every recording “Mama’s Boys” make.





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