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Country Artist

By Rick Eberle
In Americana Artist
Jun 13th, 2017
SoCal Band Pits Country and Americana Together with California Style For New Song That Evokes A True Message of Togetherness Los Angeles, CA (June, 2017) — In these trying times in American culture and politics, sometimes the simplest messages can truly be the most powerful. And with SoCal Amer...
By Rick Bowen
In Americana Artist
Sep 14th, 2016
Jesse Dayton The Revealer (Blue Elan records) There is much debate these days as to what is “Real Country music,” but there is no doubt when you hear Texas guitarist, singer/songwriter Jesse Dayton on his new album, The Revealer, released in September of 2016 that he is “The Real Deal.” Dayton won hi...
By Richard L'Hommedieu
In Country Artist
May 20th, 2014
An Interview With Organist Extraordinaire John Ginty Hammond B-3 organist John Ginty’s recent album release Bad New Travels (American Showplace Music) has received critical acclaim and has charted highly on Roots Music Report, among others. John has toured and recorded with artists such as Jewe...
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