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Blue Honey – Sweet & Stinging Blues

By Adam Signore
In INDIE Blues Scene
Jul 1st, 2016

About Blue Honey

Blue Honey has been around for only a few years but is comprised of musicians with history in the Boston music scene.  You’ll find their shows to be whatever the room requires whether it be a big stage performance or small intimate venues. After seeing them several times I am enamored with this band and you should be too. I’m not too proud to admit that their rendition of Loan Me a Dime brings me to tears. Blue Honey performs original and covers in their very eclectic set list. Their covers, one could almost view as originals. Like many of the best bands do, Blue honey make’s them their own. Check out a song from their upcoming CD, a beautiful rendition of Johnny Lang’s song Rack’em Up. You’ll find it barely like the original.

Blue HoneyBlue Honey is a seven piece Rock & Blues band sporting dueling guitarists, duel saxophone, a rock solid uncle & nephew rhythm section all fronted by Elayne Fikucki, a lead singer who has the range to lead it all. Blue Honey brings a rock edge or a smooth & smokey jazz like blues experience all in the same night. Darren Pinto and Kevin Williams on guitar have a playful competition at times that really pumps up the show. James Bennett & Richard Becker are two sax players that blend beautifully for whatever style of song is being played. Richard is the newest addition to the band and fits the band like a glove. He filled in on Sax one night and basically never left. Justin Beliveau on Bass and Austin (Tuna) Beliveau on drums simply kick A**. And then there’s Elayne. Elayne… Hold that thought.

How Did Blue Honey Get Started?

Blue Honey rose from the friendships founded in a band called The RoadKill Orchestra. James, Austin(Tuna), Justin and Darren were all at one point members of that band which featured the Original Barrelhouse Blues by Dr. Gonzo.( J. Stuart Esty ). James and Austin really wanted to form a side project featuring 12 bar blues, mostly doing covers and standards, as RKO was an originals band. They kind of wanted an outlet just to play songs they loved without the sometimes complicated arrangements that the RKO music had. Time with RKO facilitated more friendships such as Kevin on guitar.

Darren & Kevin

The band met Kevin Williams at an RKO gig. He was the front man in the band aptly named Kevin Williams and the Invisible Orphans out of Rhode Island. Everyone was floored with Kevin’s playing so when Blue Honey found a need for a guitar player, he was tapped on the shoulder immediately.



Elayne… The mystery surrounding Elayne, Blue Honey’s ever elusive and very shy singer. Story has it that they found her wandering the streets one night begging people to buy her cheese puffs. As it happens they needed a singer for a gig that night because theirs didn’t show up.

As told by Darren, Elayne was lured into the venue with cheese puffs and sang for them. Elayne, please see Darren with any comments you might have. Stories aside, Elayne brings the full range of vocals to the many styles Blue Honey plays. Her singing is just heavenly. If you don’t want to take my word for it, I’ll include some media that shows what I’m talking about at the end of this article.

Blue Honey’s Growth

Blue honey’s sound has changed along the way. As Darren says, “We started out at as a strictly 145 blues band. You know just what this area needed, another blues band”.  As any band grows, so does their sound. Blue Honey brings a sharper sound and an eclectic set list that raises the interest level immensely. Describe the sound of Blue Honey today as compared to a year ago… a complete transformation. Gone is the “typical” blues band. As they progressed, they soon felt that rut and started to notice some staleness in sound and performances. Not to be ones to just grind away, they expanded their skills and training to grow to a new level.

Elayne has taken charge of the current direction of the music; they’ve added Richard Becker on Alto sax and teamed him up with our Tenor player James Bennett. Two very different styles of players. Like Kevin and Darren on guitars. Kevin Williams has more of a Progressive modern style and sound whereas Darren Pinto has more of a traditional old school sound.

Elayne has brought in music that was a stretch for the band, musically, and sonically, they started to get into more Funky, Smooth, R&B type of music, gone is the 145 blues droning music and they’ve reshaped the whole program with more emphasis on the horns. At the core they still are rooted in the blues which has helped shape the uniqueness of their current sound. As far as the rock element goes that strictly comes from Kevin and Darren. If it were left up to them, they would probably be covering Metallica and Ac/Dc.

What’s Going On With Blue Honey?

Currently the band has two released CD’s; Sweet Stinging Blues & Live From Studio A. these were promotional releases. Soon to be released “This Side of The Blues” will be available for purchase.

So what is coming up for the band? Here’s what they say:

“All of us have been in this game a long time, right now we don’t play a lot, and that is by design. We want to make a Blue Honey show an event to go see. So you will not see us every weekend. We won’t spam the social pages; it just doesn’t make any sense to us. So we set our goals, Getting “Rack’em Up”  ready for release on Sirius XM radio, build our following and to put us into better rooms.”


Blue Honey on Facebook

Electronic Press Kit


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Loan Me a Dime:


Voodoo Woman:

Close To My Fire:


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