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The Atlanta Blues Society Meeting and Jam – Darwin’s Sandy Springs, March 26

By Rhetta
In INDIE Blues Scene
Mar 29th, 2017

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It was the first Atlanta Blues Society meeting at the new Darwin’s location and the place was absolutely packed. Many of the people were there to  see the group who were playing for us, David T and Friends, and  some were there to see the new Darwin”s. The club, which won the Keeping The blues Alive Award from The Blues Foundation in 2016, was sorely missed in the three  months it was closed while they moved it. Many members came for both those reasons and just because blues society meetings are so much fun!

This was the most packed meeting we have ever attended. You could barely move. The area around the bar was packed about four deep at times. The staff, which normally manages miraculously, was overwhelmed, so some friends jumped in to help. like musician and all-around good person Lola Gulley. I couldn’t see who else helped out!

David T and Friends is a large group with guitars, drums, and a number of horns. They all squeezed onto the stage and proceeded to make a joyous noise. David T is a wonderful songwriter so most of the songs were his originals. Tommy Lewis handled vocals and all the talented friends helped deliver a fantastic set to get us started, Then, after a very short session of  society business and announcements,  it was time for the jam.

There are a lot of musicians in the ABS, and they love to play together. The jams are a lo of fun and you never know who will show up. This tome, the jam included Frankie Lee Robinson of Frankie’s Blues Mission and the legendary Albert White.

it was a fantastic meeting in a great place and we gained some new members. One brand new member even won in the raffle we have every meeting! All of them are going to be happy to be a part of the Atlanta Blues Society. if you want to join too, visit the Atlanta Blues Society website!


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